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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

General Relativity and God's Law

  In 1666, Sir Isaac Newton developed the first laws of gravity based on his observations.  He hypothesized that all matter has a gravitation "flux" emanating from it outward to other matter and this "flux" was responsible for attracting other matter.  From this he was able to derive his basic Law of Gravitational Attraction

   Of course Newton could not prove the existence of this invisible flux but based on planetary motion and other experiments it all seemed to fit.   Newton's laws were also based on some basic fundamental foundations that seemed to make sense to the scientists of his time.  The first assumption is that all space can be described in a simple 3D (height,width,depth) Cartesian coordinate system and all observers would measure the same distances no matter their orientation or movement.  Second, all observers would measure the same amount of time to pass regardless of their location or movement.

   Both of these basic assumption all seemed to make sense.  Why wouldn't we all measure distances the same and all of our watches run the same?  No one could see a reason why not, and so for over 350 years those assumptions were never challenged.   That was until Albert Einstein came along.  His observations of light bending around the Sun revealed that Newton was not 100% correct in his assumptions.

   Therefore, because Newton's basic requirement was wrong, all the laws of motion, momentum , energy etc. all had to be re-evaluated leading to Einsteins greatest achievement: The General Laws of Relativity.   This paper showed that gravity is not some mysterious invisible "flux" but instead a bending of space-time by mass which causes objects moving in a straight-line to appear to be moving in a curved line to us.  Like marbles rolling on a large stretched sheet of rubber that has been indented by a large heavy bowling ball they appear to be changing their trajectory because of the curved rubber, but they are trying to stay on a straight line that has been changed by the bowling ball.

    So what is that to me?

    We are often like Newton and the scientists of his time.  We have basic assumptions of up,down,left,right and that all our watches are the same.  It all makes basic sense to us.  How we see the world and how we THINK it should work are not always correct.  For some of our decisions, like Newton's Law on Gravity, it works fine.  Newton wasn't 100% wrong but he wasn't 100% right either.  His law was "good enough" to get us to the moon and back but if we used it to get to a nearby star we would miss it by a billion or so miles.   We also, spiritually think we have it all figured out.  We know what is best and what is not.   Adultery?  That's just a new loving relationship being formed.   Homosexuality?  That's just an alternative lifestyle.  Pornography?  That's just extreme art.  Lying?  That's just an alternative form of the truth.   Stealing?  That's just an individuals attempt to reapportion wealth from those who don't need it as much.

   But that is not how God sees it.   Like Newton thinking the world coordinate-system is all straight lines, what matters is how the universe sees the coordinate system.  So also, how we THINK the world should work and how God sees it are different, but in the end what matters is how God sees it and not you.

   Let's take Homosexuality for example.  Let's assume that our world reaches the point where homosexuality is EQUAL to heterosexuality in every way.  No more taboos and full acceptance by all members of society.   What would our world be like?   First, let's admit that men and women are different when it comes to relationships.  Men want physical love (sex) and women want emotional love (communication).   Given this, which will men "gravitate" towards to fulfill their individual needs?   It has been said that "The ideal mate for a man is another man and the ideal mate for a woman is another woman".   Men would essentially be given to mating to other men.  This is because we as a species are extremely lazy when it comes to working for what we want.  Have you seen all the fast-food restaurants around you lately?  One late-night comic once said, "I am waiting for the day when I can just pull up to the drive-in and open my mouth and have them feed my burger and shake straight into my mouth".   The same will be true about our sex lives as well.  Take for example prostitution.   Here men, unwilling to spend the time to communicate and woo a female partner are more than willing to pay for sex with a woman to get what they want.  It's a lazy-mans form of sexual release and it willingly degrades a woman to achieve that goal as well.

    God knows us better than we know ourselves.  He knows that laziness + homosexuality = death to our species.   Of course he can't communicate this to a primitive man in the Old Testament and so must use the "Don't do it because I find it disgusting!" argument to scare them away from these practices (who knows maybe many men in the Moses-era were already doing these things).

    God is not some irrational angry being.  He has reasons for his law and when take the time to try to see things from HIS perspective we see that he is right.