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Friday, November 21, 2014

Time is up!

    The President has declared:  TIME IS UP!   Like a teacher timing his students during an exam, his congressional-egg-timer on his desk has gone off and there is no more time to debate.  He he has lost his patience with Congress and with you the American people who are just too stupid to elect good Senators and Congressmen.   To him, the world runs on Obama-Time now and he just could not take it anymore.   Like the guy from the movie "Network" he has decided to open up the window of the White House and yell:

"I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!"
    He is a new American Trinity!  

    No not Father-Son-and-Holy-Spirit, but Legislative-Executive-and-Judicial-branches all rolled up into 1 person and there is nothing we can do about it.  

    What if the Supreme Court says he has overreached?

          He will probably just write new executive orders to override the older ones
          and wait for the next ruling from the Supreme Court (which usually takes
          months if not years to come about).

    What if Congress passes contrary legislation?  

            He will VETO it of course!

    What if Congress passes legislation that is veto proof?   

            He will IGNORE it and will declare the law as "ignorant" and Congress acting "stupidly".

    So here is how it works now.

    1) The President writes his own laws as he sees fit.
    2) If Congress' law is contrary to HIS law then....he gets to VETO it.
    3) If Congress passes a veto proof law, he can IGNORE the law and only implement his law  

    Therefore the only law that gets past the Presidents desk AND gets enforced is the law he has written to begin with.  This being the case, the process becomes simply...

     1) The President writes and enforces the laws.
     2) Congress must accept them as written

  Times up America!   
Democracy is dead!


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The most dangerous court to be convicted in

   What court do you think is the worst one to be found in as a citizen?   Some think its a court in Dallas Texas or some small town in New Mexico or Arizona.   Others might argue that there are probably some pretty nasty courts in New York City where you would never want to find yourself being convicted in.   Visions of judges with axes to grind or being in cahoots with a local prison warden pop into our minds from multiple movies where the hero finds himself doing 25 years of hard labor working swamps and rock quarries. 

    Actually the worst court in America to be convicted in is not a real court at all.

    It's the court of public opinion. 

    What makes this court the most dangerous court in the land?

1) Guilty unless proven innocent without a shadow of a doubt.

Unlike our real courts you are considered guilty as charged.  People will say, "Why would this woman (or person) come up with such a story unless it wasn't true?"  Since they are the victim they are anointed "Sainthood" (and we all know saints never lie).  TV journalists will show countless pictures of them in their youth when they were young and carefree and innocent.  Tears from the victims faces will be played in slow motion with music playing in the background to tug at the juror's heartstrings.

2) Everyone is a juror and no one is a judge.

Do you have a Twitter account?  Then you too can be a juror in this court.  You can send out your whimsical and sarcastic 140 character messages to the Twitto-sphere and wait for your responses from the other jurors (you think to yourself "I missed my calling as a writer on Comedy Central").  Are you a TV personality looking for ratings?   You too can sit in a chair across from the convict to cross examine them and ask them personal questions they don't have to answer and it they don't answer that show complete guilt on their behalf.   You can squint your eyes with a serious look of anger towards the convict and offer a tissue to the victim as they shed tears

3) No 5th amendment rights in this court

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the convict (note this court never uses the word "accused") is not allowed to NOT answer any questions.  To NOT answer is to confess guilt.  Look at Bill Cosby's radio interview where he decided to NOT answer the question by the host.   His lack of answer was a considered to be a clear and unmistakable confession of guilt.  If you say you don't want to give credence to these questions you are quickly confronted with questions of "don't you feel anything for these people who are accusing you?"

 4) No defense lawyer

In this court, there are very few who will be willing to come to your defense.  Since you are already guilty as charged, those running to your defense will be leveled with the same charge you have been found guilty of already.  You will be called a bigot, or a racist, or a woman hater and you will be only in attendance in this court to set your own future court appearance to be charged as well.

 5) No statute of limitations

What you do and say will be held against you in perpetuity (even after you are long dead).   Take for example what happened to Paula Deen.  She made some racist comment in a court case 30 years ago and it was drummed up and used against her with such force that she had to leave her TV show despite all the evidence to the contrary of what kind of person she is today.   Or another example, Bill Cosby today is being lambasted by women who say he raped them over 40 years ago and none of them ever went to the police to file a complaint or make a formal charge and all the evidence is gone.

6) Endless lawyers for the prosecution

"I'm not a lawyer but I love to play one on TV" is the common phrase used by streams of pretend journalists. These people want nothing more than to sit in a chair across from the convict with their legs crossed and holding the ever important pen and paper in their hand, asking those questions that "just HAVE to be asked".   Questions of the "victims" assume your guilt and probe only when the event occurred and how it felt to be victimized by the convict.  Lawyers will come out of the woodwork in the form of late-night-TV-hosts,  TV talk show hosts, TV gossip shows like "Inside Edition",  comedians, radio personalities, book writers and authors and even Washington politicians looking for anyone to compare themselves to that will make them look like saints.

7) Evidence is anything that proves you are guilty

"I heard a friend of mine who has a sister who is good friends with waitress whose uncle served in the military with a guy who used to mow the lawn of a neighbor 5 houses down from this person and that person said they thought they saw something strange happen around the house but wasn't very sure because they were drunk at the time".  

8) Sentencing never occurs, but the punishment begins immediately

You will be hounded every time you leave your abode.  You will wish you were dead at times and sometimes death is your only way out.   So often we have seen people who later commit suicide or die by drug abuse brought on by their conviction.  After your death, the sentence will be acquitted and loving tributes may be said in your honor with some mention to what caused you to lose hope. They may yet revisit the victims of your "crime" to see if they have found "peace in your dying" or not.   No amount of tears you offer on national television will ever be enough.  Your tears will be analyzed for true contriteness of heart by an array of psychologists who couldn't tell you the difference between schizophrenia and psychosis (but darn they look good on TV).  You may be mocked for your attempt to set things right and say your sorry.  Lawyers against you will say "No amount of tears will undo the damage they have done".   Most convicts will sentence themselves to home jail by locking themselves up in their homes never to be seen again.  (This will be also haled as additional evidence of your guilt as well).

The only GOOD thing to say about this court is that it is SWIFT and it is DECISIVE.  There are no hung courts (just hung convicts) and there are no court of appeals as their motto is:

Reus Supplicia semper, et semel, reus

which means

Once guilty, always guilty  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The New Golden Rule

    The golden rule for this century is, "He who has the gold makes the rules" as our nations banking system today is used as a mechanism to subversively take away our rights as citizens.  Ronald Reagan in 1960 in his address for Barry Goldwater said,
 "What good does it do to own property if you are regulated as to what you can do with that property?"  
This he referred to as State-ism which was a lighter-gentler form of Communism that allows people to own property (whereas communism disallows all private property), but regulates what owners can do with the land whether in building or planting crops.

     Today the Obama administration is doing an end run on our 2nd amendment rights by working through banks to restrict credit on companies that manufacture guns.  The DOJ program, rightly called: Operation Choke Point, seeks to choke out businesses in the firearms industry altogether.   It utilizes laws put on the books to go after the Mafia and drug dealers but now used for other purposes.  As we learned in 2008, credit is the life-blood of business and without it they wither and die quickly.  If successful, they would be able to eventually drive out all gun manufacturers and prevent us from owning guns.  Thus the 2nd amendment becomes as meaningless as the 3rd amendment (quartering of soldiers) as we would "technically" still have the right to own a gun, but no where to buy one (or even if you could the cost would be too prohibitive for most Americans).

    The federal government has no right under the Constitution to control the economy of legal enterprises (especially one that is guaranteed by the Constitution itself).   This is a misuse of the laws on the books used to take down the mafia and drug cartels who do business outside the confines of the law.   But as with all laws, they can be used for good and for bad depending on who is making the rules at the time.

    Could such laws be used to control us as well?   Possibly.

    Take for example if the government wants to limit how far from work you live.  If the government thinks everyone should walk to work and not drive they could use the credit system to control you as well.   Therefore when you go to apply for a car loan they take into account the distance between your work and your home.  If further than 3 miles, they cannot approve your loan.  The same could be with regards to your mortgage as well.   Too far from your places of work?  Forget about it!   Maybe you should rent a government approved apartment near your work instead?   How about your child's college education?   You want them to go to a Christian college?   Forget about it!   How about a nice state sponsored college instead?   Your church wants a loan to expand or build a new building?   Forget about it!  (unless your church is willing to change their stance on abortion).

     The possibilities are endless... unless we tell our congressmen to investigate and put an end to this abuse of law abiding citizens.

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Ends Justify The Means

    Every child (well hopefully every child) has been told by a parent or teacher at some point in their
young life that "the ends does NOT justify the means" or another version of the proverb, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions".   I can probably re-count half a dozen TV family sit-coms from "The Andy Griffith Show" to "Growing Pains" to "The Cosby Show" where a TV dad or mom tries to enlighten their young TV child that good intentions never trumps lying and or stealing to achieve those ends.  Normally the child sets out to fix some problem on their own and in their pre-adolesant mind it all makes sense at the moment, but as they go along things begin to unravel like a bad sweater and their lies begin to catch up to them until they can't do it anymore and the parent lovingly scolds them and sets them back on the right path.

    Yet somewhere in our world those lessons were missed or never taught at all.  Take for example, poor professor Jonathan Gruber of MIT.  In video after video he discusses how lies and deceit were used to get ObamaCare pushed through Congress.  He tells us how it was written in tortuous language to make it near impossible for the CBO to score it and to see that the mandate was in fact a TAX on the American public.   He goes on about how they intended to "dupe" the American public who he refers to as "the stupidity of the American voter" or how the average voter has little or no knowledge of economics.   This has caused many democrats now to distance themselves from Mr. Gruber.  Nancy Pelosi for example says "I don't know the man" but videos show her saying glowing things about his report back in 2009.  The White House says he was not involved in the writing of the legislation yet they paid him over $400K for his work and reports say he may have been compensated even more than this amount.  (Don't worry Mr. Gruber, even Jesus was disowned by his own disciples in the same manner). 

    To the left, we are just stupid sheep that are too stupid to live our own lives.  To them ObamaCare is so beneficial for us that they must use lies and deceit to get their way.   This of course is not the first time they have done this.   It is the same method they used to get Social Security passed through Congress in the 1930's.  On record, they passed it as a government "insurance" plan (That is why your paycheck says FICA .. Federal Insurance Contributions Act) but when Congress wanted to use this money for other social welfare programs it was brought to the Supreme Court.  It was there in front of the court that they confessed that they only used the word "insurance" to sell it to the American people and that really it was a tax to be used for any purpose they sought fit in keeping with the "general welfare" clause of the Constitution.  But the arguments didn't end there either.  Even today this bill is argued in court over whether or not American citizens have a contractual claim to benefits from the Federal government as anyone would have in any normal "insurance plan".  If it's not really an insurance plan then the federal government could argue that we have not claim to benefits when we retire (the so called lock box is empty).

   While this may anger a lot of people, it doesn't anger me anymore.  Not because I am numb to the matter, but because I try to see the bigger picture.  In my opinion, these people should be pitied more than anything. I actually feel sorry for them because their lives are wrapped up in one long string of lies and deceit that just gets more messy as they go.   Maybe it's because the left predominately sees no need of God in our world (my opinion).  To many of them there is no heaven or hell, there is just here and now and therefore they must make this the best heaven on earth they can create. To do this, requires lots of force and coercion to accomplish as not everyone is going to enjoy the earthly heaven you set out to create.  To do this, they must spend every waking hour addressing every new video that comes up and every lie they said with new and improved lies.    They will have to re-write and ignore sections of their laws as the unexpected consequences of their legislation begin to become obvious to the voters.   As Reagan put it best, "The more the plans fail, the more the planners plan" until it consumes every minute of their lives on earth.  To that, all I can say is....

    What a pathetic lot they have become.

    Or as in the proverb by the famous Scottish author, Sir Walter Scott

 "Oh what a wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive"

Friday, November 14, 2014

Fixing the problem of Executive Orders

   Executive orders have been around almost since our founding with George Washington issuing 8 such orders.   The president with the record of MOST Executive Orders is good old Teddy Roosevelt with a whopping 1,081 Executive Orders issued and the only president to NEVER use it was William Harrison.  While many will argue that it's not the number of orders but the power of each Executive Order that is abused we still must somehow come to grips with and how to balance such power whether for good or for bad.

   I have watched countless political pundits on TV list things congress can do to stand up to the President and his idea to use Executive Orders to "fix" the immigration issue that he says he has "grown tired" of waiting for an answer from Congress.  Their ideas to fix  this "Constitutional Crisis" range from impeachment (which they don't have the stomach for), to suing the President, to shutting down the government or de-funding parts of the immigration department.   None of which seems effective against this President as he has nothing to lose with only 2 years left and his "legacy" will be written by liberal scholars and glossed over in time with him being America's first Black President (Sorry Bill).   Also, the President, who claims to be a Constitutional scholar (though he was never a tenured professor of any college), has it completely backwards.  He has said that Congress can always pass a law that super-cedes his "law" (he meant order...but you get what he means).  But that is not our system.  Congress passes legislation and the President can veto them.  The president does not make laws and Congress vetoes them with legislation.   In fact, nothing would stop the president from vetoing their legislation in the end by declaring their law as either "wrong-headed" or "going too far" and letting his "law" super-cede theirs.
     But there is another answer for this Constitutional Crisis and its staring you right in the face.

     It's the Constitution of course!

     The only way to fix a Constitutional Crisis is to have a Constitutional fix.  And I think given the
situation right now it is ripe for implementation since both the left and the right are on record as being against Executive Orders (when its the other side of course).   Congress now sees that their power is dwindling and the President is usurping most of it from them.   And as in the words of that great political thinker, Rahm Emmanuel, who said "We should never let a good crisis go to waste" we too should take advantage of this crisis as well.

     What can be done?

     First of all we must accept that some executive action is required at times to address issues that cannot wait for Congress to convene or are too trivial to be of their concern.   So while we don't want to strip the President of all of his power to manage minor governmental details, at the same time Congress does need to have a check to determine if his actions are encroaching on their authority or are in defiance of the people and the Constitution that we live by.

    An answer came to me while watching an NFL football game.  Today each coach is given the power to play "referee" during the game by the throwing of a "red flag" to request the last play to be reviewed by the leagues referees (who are watching the game in New York).   The coach is given 2 red flags per game.   He must use these flags wisely because if the ruling on the field stands (was deemed correct) then the coach loses the flag and is also charged a timeout.   If he's right and the ruling is overturned he gets his flag back and is not charged a timeout. Call it an "NFL check and balance".

   A similar process could be done for Executive Orders.  First of all, the president would have a special Executive Order pen.   Second his order would need to provide an expiration date of no more than 90 days.   During this 90 day period, Congress can convene and vote on allowing his order to stand or not.  If they approve the EO, the President gets his Executive Order pen back immediately.  If they veto his order, he loses his pen for TWICE the expiration time (max of 180 days).  In this way he is prevented from re-issuing the exact same order back-to-back indefinitely (there could be an additional clause that after 4 vetoes he loses his pen for the remainder of the year or term.

    I believe Congress could get this done as both side hate it when Presidents abuse this power and it would re-balance the power between the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch at the same time give the President some control over the government.


Monday, November 10, 2014

Falling Short

   Football is often called a game of inches played on a field measured in yards.  Recently I saw a video clip of a Utah State football player making one of the largest goofs in college football history.   You can see the clip here.  The mistake was so narrow that it even went unnoticed by the announcers on TV.   What happened?

   A player for Utah had caught a pass and run it in for a touchdown, but just 1 yard short of the end zone decided to drop the ball.  The referee noticed this and did not signal a touchdown and while the Utah players we celebrating an Oregon player realized the situation and picked up the ball and ran it back 99 yards for a touchdown. 

      The reason I decided to write this blog is not to rub salt into the Utah players wound ( I am sure this will haunt him for years to come) but instead to use this story as an illustration of how we are in God's eyes on our own merits.   Paul says in Romans, "For all fall short of the glory of God...".   Just as the Utah player fell short and it didn't matter to the referee that he had all intentions of scoring a touchdown, the fact was that the ball did not cross the goal line.  Some would say this is knit-picking and close should be "good enough" but that is not how it is in football or in God's world.  

    It's sad to see such effort wasted.  It pained me to watch the players face as he saw what he had done on the TV screen in the stadium.  He messed up and it cost the team a touchdown.   He let down his team, his coach and his school.   God too is pained by our loss.  He is not sitting on the opposite sideline cheering our misfortune.  Instead, he is there sitting next to us on the bench consoling us.  But not consoling like we do here on earth with words like "There there... you'll do better next time" or "We all mess up sometimes.. its ok.."     Instead he has the power to rewrite the history books and the scoreboard.   We look up at the TV screen and we don't see US dropping the ball but instead his own Son , Jesus Christ fumbling the ball at the 1 yard line and taking the punishment for us.

    John writes:  "He who knew no sin, became sin for us"

    That's called the grace of God.