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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Should we ban all digital cameras?

   Recently during a heated discussion between Senator Cruz (TX) and Senator Feinstein (CA) over gun control, Sen. Feinstein referred to assault weapons as a form of "pornography".  Using the illustration that pornography is not covered under the 1st amendment, so also AR-15's should not be covered under 2nd amendment.

   Here is the problem with her analogy.

   First, pornography is considered an illegal USE of the 1st amendment.   Owning an AR-15 is NOT an illegal USE of the 2nd amendment.   Using it to kill people who pose no threat to to your life or property (self-protection) is what is illegal.   Second, we do not prosecute law-abiding citizens for what they posses (felons do not fall in this category) but instead for how they USE their possessions.

   For example, owning a digital camera is not illegal.  Many of us own them (in fact I haven't seen anyone use a film-camera in over a decade).  They are very handy tools that make recording our lives very simple.  No more do I have to go to the store to develop pictures and then store them in albums or boxes.   I can simply download them and share them with family and friends over the internet.  Because of that, it has allowed me to have more privacy as to where I went on vacation and who I went on vacation with.  But it has a dark-side as well.  Since the advent of the digital camera child-pornography has been on the rise. 

No longer do they need to have their own private darkrooms to develop their filth.  Now they can snap away and send their sick photos to others who are diseased in their thinking as well.   Should we ban all digital cameras since these devices can be misused by some and do harm to thousands of children?  After all, they are the "tool of choice" for child-pornographers.

 Of course not!

   Instead we prosecute the offenders and those who misuse their RIGHTS (1st or 2nd) to do others harm. The owning of an AR-15 should not be illegal and it should be protected under the 2nd amendment, while the illegal use of such weapon should be prosecuted and heavily discouraged.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Removing a tree

      Recently I had a couple of trees removed from our property.  Both were Bradford Pear trees and were a lot of work to maintain.  Combine that with the fact that their limbs become brittle as they age and their roots become shallow and invasive and you can see why we needed to have them removed.  I called a tree-removal person who was recommended to me by our neighbor and he came over to give me a quote.  I feared he would not be able to remove the tree in the backyard given its close proximity to our house and our neighbor's house.  But to my surprise he said it would be no problem at all.   His method was what I call "eating the elephant" method (one piece at a time).  It was amazing watching him work (all alone mind you).  He took out the lower branches from the ground as much as possible.  Then he climbed the tree and tied a rope to as near to the top of the tree he could go (about 30 ft).  He tied the other end to himself and then would shimmy out onto the other branches and slowly take each branch apart little by little.  The trick he said to me later is to NOT get ahead of yourself and take too much off as it could damage what is below (he would take what he cut and throw it down into a "safe area").   "Patience" he said is your biggest need.  You need lots of it to do this kind of work. 


    So to it is with ANYTHING you want transformed.  Whether its turning a tree into a stump or transforming a capitalist system into a socialist/communist system.  Transformation can be accomplished if you move slowly enough and we are now witnessing what they are doing.  Many of the branches of our political system have been already "trimmed".   The Supreme court and Federal courts no longer concern themselves with the original meaning of the Constitution but only with their modern interpretation of it.   The Executive Branch writes its own laws in the form of Executive Orders or in recess appointments when they don't want to involve Congress.   Congress no longer reviews their laws in the Constitution and passes "taxes" as "penalties" (healthcare bill) so they can move things through the Senate.  The FBI can now invade homes without warrants if they propose you might be a "terrorist threat" (whatever that means) and the military has been granted the power to arrest and detain indefinitely citizens "suspected of terrorism" without trial or legal representation (Can you say "disappear" ?)

    But now it seems the Democrats have made some hasty decisions. Their patience is running thin now and some say they are getting ahead of themselves.  I believe many of the baby-boomers who were raised in the communists-60's are getting up in age now.  The end of their lives is coming near and they want to see the grand-finale before they die and so they have picked up the pace now.  They are no longer removing small twigs and minor branches but now are in full main-branch removal mode and we below are beginning to feel pain.

   Let's hope it's not too late yet to yell "STOP!"

Monday, March 11, 2013

The right to home-school

Well it appears the WH has stepped into "it" again, by making the claim that "no one has the right to home-school their children".  This statement was made recently when the WH decided to get involved in a deportation hearing involving a family from German that fled to the US in 2008 because they faced imprisonment by the German government for home-schooling their children.  In Germany, all children are required by law to attend public school.  Uwe and Hannelore Romeikie are the parents of 6 children and risk losing their children if they return back to Germany. 

This is where the Obama administration stepped in it.

They involved themselves in the asylum case and claimed that "no one has the right to home-school their children and the German government has done nothing wrong".   Yet this same administration just recently released thousands of illegal immigrants from jail that came here ILLEGALLY, but this family which immigrated here LEGALLY and is facing losing their children for their religious freedom.  

If I were a home-schooling parent right now (and I wish I had) I would be shaking in my boots right now.  If this is our President's view on home-schooling in other countries, then it will not be long before this WH has them in their sights as well.

Write the WH and tell them that Christian families need protection too.

Do our politicians not own a dictionary?

Our California and US lawmakers are in need of dictionaries.  They are now considering passing a "sin tax" on guns and bullets sold here in the golden-state (its not real gold anymore... just painted gold).  Their aim is too make owning or operating a gun so expensive no one will want to.

At the Federal level , Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., proposed a bill that would impose a 10 percent tax on "any concealable" firearm. The revenue would be used to help fund a national gun buyback program. The bill is still in committee.

If you Google the word "infringed" you get the following

Looking at the 2nd definition it clearly means to "limit or undermine".   Yet our politicians in DC have yet to learn this meaning in their committee meetings on "limiting" our 2nd amendment rights.

This is what is known as a political-two-fer (2 for 1).   They get to limit our access to guns AND they can raise more revenue for more crappy government programs.  To them its a win-win!

But for us it's a lose-lose.

Contact your representatives immediately!