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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Divorce Lawyer Ad on the refrigerator

I once heard a person on the radio give the advice that if you want your husband to be faithful, put a newspaper advertisement for a divorce lawyer on the refrigerator as a reminder that things can get ugly if he goes astray. 

Now of course this is not a sentimental piece of advice you want to hear on Valentine's Day, but I thought it was fitting in our discussion of the Constitution.  To me, the 2nd Amendment is the "divorce lawyer ad" and its purpose is to remind the federal government that things can and will get ugly if they choose to go astray and abolish this contract we have with them.   Its very presence stands as a daily reminder and incentive to listen to "WE THE PEOPLE".   It is not the "Hunting Amendment" or the "Self-Defense Amendment" or the "Marksmanship Amendment" but instead it is the "Well Armed Militia Amendment".  

Do I advocate for people donning camouflage and running around in the woods with high-power rifles? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

To me, the 2nd amendment is the LAST LAST LAST resort of a country in which its government decides to end the relationship by abolishing the contract that had bound them to the people (The Constitution).    Like marriage, we have the tools to fix the relationship.  We can vote those who are in office, out of office.   We can bring our grievances to the Supreme Court and have the laws changed or abolished that take away from our rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  If necessary, we can run for office and change how things operate in Washington (Please Dr. Carson take this into consideration!)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Baking a cake without eggs

No I haven't started writing a blog about healthy eating now.

I was baking a cake for my wife's birthday (German Chocolate of course!) and the recipe called for 3 eggs.  As I was baking the cake I thought about the importance of the eggs in the mixture.  They add the "glue" to the cake and help it "bind it together".  If I left it out, the cake would just crumble apart into a giant chocolate blob.

The Constitution is a recipe for a successful Republic, with checks and balances to allow the government to function well enough to get the important things done without trampling on the rights of the citizens.   But like my cake recipe, a key ingredient is necessary to bind it altogether. 


Religion is the egg of our Republic and just like the egg doesn't need the cake mix (it's just fine being an egg), the cake mix cannot work without the egg.   Religion provides the ability and the necessity that men be honest, decent and truthful. To me, a person who knows he will be called accountable for his actions here on earth will be more inclined to be honest, decent and truthful.

Bill Clinton pushed the "honest,decent and truthful" meter far to the left and those who supported him told us "what difference does it make what he does in his private life?".  Since his reign, we have seen things only get worse and not better and we are paying the price for it.

Until our country is willing to put religion back into our politics this "cake" is destined to become an ugly pile of slop no one will want to have.