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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

We need a HI-DEF country

   I have worked with computer graphics for a very long time.  My first usage of graphics was on a Commodore-64 computer as a college student.   In those days, computer graphics were very crude.  In normal mode the screen was blocks of 40x25 so you could crudely color each block different shades of colors to achieve a rough Picasso-like picture.   You could however turn on its hi-res mode and achieve a granularity of 320x200 pixels but at a cost of lots of memory taken from your program space.   But with that increase in resolution you could draw circles and lines that actually looked like circles and lines.   As computers got faster and screen technology increased we have seen AMAZING improvements in what we can render on a screen.   Pictures we take almost look like the real thing and computer animation that is so detailed that it almost passes for the real thing.   All of this would not be possible without the TV/Monitor technology improvements that allow for more pixels to be colored on a screen at the same time to different colors and brightness. As this technology advances no one ever wants to return back to the older lower resolution technology again.

   Sadly the same cannot be said for our country as we seem to see a movement towards making us a lower resolution country.   We have all seen the election maps were they color our states either all red or all blue depending on how that states electoral votes went during the last election.   California is often called a BLUE state, but in reality only small areas of the state can actually be characterized this way as many counties up north are strongly RED.  But because of cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco their voices get drowned out by the urban areas.  

   To illustrate this take a look at a map of the 2012 election results at a state level

Looks almost evenly divided between Red and Blue areas for the most part.

But now here is the same election at the County level

   With more resolution we can see that more areas of the country are actually more conservative than what the state level map would suggest. 

   As the Federal Government "nationalizes" all the states through regulation and mandates and the States dictate to their counties and cities through similar methods to bow to their authority, we at the bottom have less freedom to express our difference in views and ideas and pursue our own individual paths to happiness.   It's like telling all computer users that they don't really need 1920x1080 resolution and we should all go out and buy 1990 14" computer monitors with 480x256 resolution amber green screens again.   Sure it can still get the job done in some cases but in many cases it just won't do.

   Government doesn't like variety as variety requires too much work to supply.   With 300+ million "customers" it's like Henry Fords Model-T joke where he said, "You can get it in any color as long as that color is black!".  But unlike Henry Ford, who was forced by competition to supply more than black eventually, government has no competition and therefore black becomes the only color of choice.   It's not that government can't supply more variety,  it's just a whole lot easier for government to dictate to "the masses" what their "choice" will be and lower the resolution standard than to increase the choices and give us more freedom. 

    Unless this trend is stopped and we elect politicians who espouse more state and local freedom (ie. Libertarians) we will most likely end up with a country that looks like this

      And we will all be crying out in agony.