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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This administration does not make "mistakes"

    While it seems like the Obama administration has made some major mistakes as of late, I don't believe this administration makes these kind of "mistakes".   In my opinion (and feel free to disagree here) these scandals are meant as a shots-over-the-bow to the American people.

AP wire-tapping

    This acknowledgement is actually a two-fer for the President because with one scandal he can influence two groups:  whistle-blowers and the press.  This scandal, in effect, says to the press, "You can and will be put on my enemies-list if you investigate me"  and at the same time it says to whistle-blowers "If you go to the press with any information, I will be listening and you will be found out and prosecuted".  Who is going to go to the press now with any scandal information if they cannot be completely assured of anonymity?   Who can they trust?   After all, the AP has been extremely friendly to the WH  (It's not like they are Fox News!) and the old adage holds true here: "If this is what they do to their friends, what will they do to their enemies?".   (I must say that even as I write this column, I fear reprisal as well even though I am really a small fish in these waters).   Remember, the President used the Patriot Act to gain the wire-taps (it was an emergency after all and did not need a warrant from a judge) and so no one in the news media is safe as there will always be another "threat" that will give them the power to side-step the Constitution.  America, you were warned about this.

IRS scandal

    The release of this "apology" to the Tea Party is not really meant as an apology (what, did they suddenly develop a guilty conscience?) but instead it is a WARNING to all other groups that choose to be against this President.  The IRS apology will have a chilling effect on all other future groups who organize against him.  You want start a Tea Party or any other group?  Guess what we will put you on our watch-list and we will make your life a veritable HELL on earth.  (Even the Billy Graham organization has been audited under this president).  The questions by the IRS went way beyond just "what does your group believe", but also gathered information on:
  • Political connections (members of congress they work with)
  • Family connections (they asked for resumes of all family members)
  • Social Media connections (they requested print outs of all Facebook messages on their boards)
Put these two scandals (investigation and punishment) together and you have a very dangerous combination.

We are being transformed into Venezuela before our very eyes America!

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