Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Why Trump and NOT Hillary

     First of all let me be clear here.  Donald Trump was NOT my choice for the GOP.   I argued on a consistent basis for other candidates like Ted Cruz and even for Kasich over the last several months hoping somebody would push out The-Donald.    Now that the convention is over and the choice has been made to make The-Donald the new face of the GOP I have to decide whether to vote for him or the Libertarian candidate Johnson.

    Many of my friends are Democrats and even they are not enthused with their choice of Hillary Clinton.   She has shown bad choices over her life (including her husband) and her decisions as Senator (voted FOR the invasion of Iraq) and as Secretary of State (Bengahzi and her email server).   In many ways both of our parties are dealing with very similar candidates.   Both Hillary and Donald struggle with telling the truth.   Both make decisions based on what is best for THEM and not for others.    Both are very good at hiding what they don't want you to find out or redirecting you to some other new scandal hoping you will lose interest in the current scandal.

    But there are two GLARING differences between Hillary and Donald.

   Media indifference

   Let's face it. It's no mystery who many in the media (ABC,CBS,NBC,CNBC,MSNBC,CNN,NY Times, Washington Post (or any other major city newspaper for that matter)) wants for POTUS.  Also looking at these news agents in their past covering of Hillary's decisions and lack of truth-telling we know for a fact that they will do little or nothing to investigate PRESIDENT HILLARY CLINTON when she becomes POTUS and she fully knows this.   She will be given Carte Blanche to do whatever she wants to do as President.  Backroom deals will remain hush hush.   Bad decisions will not be traced up to her desk but only to low level administrators.

    Compare that to PRESIDENT TRUMP.    Will they investigate him and hound him if he gets the least bit out of line?   You better believe they will.   He will have them constantly asking hardball questions and skewing everything he does or says to insure he stays as President.   Any illegality will be exposed immediately.   Any backroom payout to a private company will be made public.

   Impeachment immunity

   As with any "First ______ President"  she will be treated differently by Capital Hill.   To suggest that she should ever be investigated will be met with resounding criticism of "sexism".   Hillary could shoot Bill in the White House with his pants down below his knees and she would be allowed to get away with it.   This immunity will give her even more power to do as she wants as POTUS (or should I say  FFPOTUS).   Congress would be left powerless against her.

   Compare that to PRESIDENT TRUMP who has very few Republican friends in Congress and can only claim to be the FIRST BILLIONAIRE President would have no such immunity.   Rather, he would most likely impeached by his own party as soon as he got out of line or did anything that might seem one bit illegal.


    On one hand we would have a President who would be not kept in check by either the media or by Congress and we know has a poor record of lying and bad decision making.  While on the other hand we have a candidate that would have no friends in the media or in Congress and would be hard pressed on both sides to govern legally and ethically.

   Which one would you rather have?